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Lonely hearts find warmth from the inside out (Photos)

When we shut down our awareness toward the truth in our lives, we come to a place of not receiving. This emptiness many of us feel is the missing piece of oneself – not someone else – we are longing for. We look to others to fill this space with a shared love, but we must really start with the foundation of all love which is, self-love.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is, self-love.
Love Exposed
You are your heart's love are one.

Self-love begins with the full acceptance of our own heart, its wishes, desires and discernment. The heart is where we can derive immediate joy, happiness and peace: a sanctuary to practice our one act plays and hear the intentions of our thoughts like, a soliloquy. Shakespeare’s Hamlet was constantly searching for the meaning of his life and the chaos he lived in through his mind. His words, silent, but heavy hearted, drifted within the pains of the soul’s recognition to be heard. The silence in our lives is therapy for a wounded heart, a friend to just listen, yet providing us powerful strength to carry on in our darkest hours. We come to the place of silence through meditation and a shift in focus toward the void in our subtle bodies. We must tune-out to tune-in to what is truly real in our lives. When we make the inner voyage we find out once again, that love is the answer to every question.

When we are in a place of uncertainty always ask: “What would love do?”

As we edge closer to our own reasons for life and purpose, we encounter the voices of reason in our minds that describe to us why we are who we are. These voices interpret our experience into what manifests as our physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually lives. Examining our language that we use toward describing ourselves is a critical step in changing what we experience. Determining who the voice is: a parent, a mentor, a past girl/boyfriend, a sibling is an exercise of being open to the emotions and attitudes of others and how they are shaping our lives, right now. We have beliefs that shape our present time from past situations, circumstances, and conditions, weaving into our lives what become our stories. When we talk to ourselves we are energetically charging our words into forms that become magnets for like- kind experience. If we are complaining and using negative language, our body feels heavy and there is a persistent anxiousness that exists. When we become more mindful of our words, by using positive language, especially to ourselves, we transform our reality. As simple as this may seem, many of us just don’t believe it. The belief is the strongest component to knowing who we are, what we should do and how we are to do things.

What do we believe about ourselves?

Before we go out to meet a friend or go to work, try doing some visualization on how we want to be perceived and how the person will receive us. This is a way to get our mind, heart, and thoughts centered for successful relating. We will ignite the best face forward as we will be more in touch with what we want to accomplish before the event happens. This does not mean rehearsing dialogue and repeating conversations from the past in our head that just keeps us in character with an old storyline. Remember we are all walking around editing and re-writing our personal stories. The key is not to go back and take on the old character; the key is having the character (us) reborn into a more evolved self from the lessons we have learned. Moving forward, even if it feels shaky, is the best course of action.

“So then, the relationship of self to other is the complete realization that loving yourself is impossible without loving everything defined as other than yourself.” Alan Wilson Watts

When we walk the path of life without fear, love is present in everything – especially us. We radiate a powerful vibration when we let go of fear. When developing a loving partnership with ourselves, we can push through any pain caused by just living. Pain is a precursor to an open doorway for personal growth. Recognizing our past, as just the past, allows us the opportunity to move with grace through all our challenges. Individual strength will prevail in our lives once we have established pure self-love. By taking time to have the relationship with ourselves first, spending time in nature or just in a chair and focusing on breath, we become aware of the divine person that exists between the layer of skin and the vast interior world. Our journey is a creative assignment, life’s canvas, a place to re-examine our beliefs and edit our programming to illustrate a perfect picture. We are the artists of our lives. Choose our colorful destination and remember we have unlimited potential – believe it!

Love Courageously!

Love Exposed


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