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London punk dunks puppy into freezing water bucket for ALS challenge

A 19-second viral prank has outraged everyone on social media after a teenage punk, apparently from London, forcibly dunked a struggling little puppy head first into a bucket of freezing ice water and posted it onto his own Facebook page and then online.

Punk pushes puppy into bucket of freezing water for the ALS awareness challenge; no way - this is animal cruelty.
YouTube screen freeze

The nasty thug announces the following while holding the defenseless little wiggling puppy by the neck who must have already sensed she was in a bad situation:

‘Here’s my dog and she’s doing the ice bucket challenge. She wants to nominate all the other dogs here and all the cats as well, yeah," utters the kid as the puppy whined in desperation and tried to get free of her tormentor.

He then mutters , "are you ready" to the pooch, and then shoves her head first into the bucket with such force that the kid loses his balance.

According to the Daily Mail, the RSPCA is investigating. It is not known if the puppy was hurt, however the organization posted the following statement:

"The aim of the ice bucket challenge is to raise money and awareness for charity – this 'stunt' goes against everything it stands for.

Any responsible pet owner would be shocked by this. It is likely that the puppy in the footage could have been caused distress, if not harm … Causing unnecessary suffering to an animal is an offence under law and we would strongly urge people not to copy this video."

Facebook readers and animal lovers throughout the Internet expressed their disgust with phrases such as, "It's awful; it's just wrong."

The ALS awareness challenge was never intended to abuse animals. Let's help get this punk charged with animal cruelty.

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