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London Olympics 2012: Team USA basketball vs. Nigeria live for gold medal bid

London Olympics 2012: Team USA basketball vs. Nigeria live for gold medal bid
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Team USA basketball has looked strong during its first two games at the London Olympics 2012, and you can expect to see more of the same during Team USA vs. Nigeria as the team continues its bid for a gold medal according to the Bleacher Report.

Team USA basketball vs. Nigeria is coming up via live streaming video or TV at 5:15 p.m. EST on NBC Sports Network on Thursday, August 2.

Team USA was so strong in its second game against Tunisia that many of the team's reserve players had to come off the bench to keep the score from getting too far out of hand. Of course, even with that precaution, the final ended up being 110-63. So far the USA men's basketball team remains undefeated.

Obviously, the competition will heat up as the Olympics continue. Team USA's exhibition games prove that they will have to work hard to win. As the Olympics schedule continues for the team, you can expect to see more play from Kobe Bryant, Anthony Davis, and Carmelo Anthony.

Russell Westbrook summed up the entire team's feelings on the matter of how much play they get during the Olympics when he said,

"We know what we need to do to win. We’re not here for ourselves, we’re here for USA."

That's a great attitude, and it is nice to watch these talented players come together under the coaching of Mike Krzyzewski to represent the USA in London 2012. With all the possible talk about changes to the way things are done every four years, this may be the last time Team USA men's basketball looks the way it looks.

Will you tune in to watch the team play Nigeria this evening on its way to the gold medal match? Cheer them on as they play for you.


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