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London now tops New York City when it comes to taking ‘selfies’

Times Square in New Year's Eve (2013)
Times Square in New Year's Eve (2013)
Photo by Eugene Gologursky

England can now add an extra crown to their famous city. London now takes the crown when it comes to people taking “selfies” in front of their popular landmarks.

Big Ben Clock in London

London, which boasts “Big Ben,” the London Eye Carousel, Buckingham Palace and their double-decker buses ranked highest in social media networks where people would share selfies, according to a new media social analysis.

A couple of months ago, New York City which hosts train loads of iconic buildings, parks and statues held the crown for most selfies taken around the city, with Times Square as top spot, and the Statue of Liberty taking second. the website to go to for best hangout places, was the telephonic service that compiled such data working through 6.3 million images on social media messages from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social sites.

Other cities who also made the most popular selfie backdrop was Amsterdam, who came in third, followed by Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Sydney, Istanbul, and Athens, who rounded top 10.

The iconic landmark who did win gold for most popular backdrop for selfies taken overall was not the Empire State Building, the Washington Monument or the Hollywood sign, but the Colosseum in Rome.

By the way, thanks to all selfie takers, the word “Selfie” actually and legitimately made it to the Merriam-Webster dictionary this month as an actual word now with true meaning. Happy selfie taking!

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