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London Image Institute prepares consultants for success


Lynne Marks started her career teaching fashion in London and then moved to the US where she leveraged her experience and started image consulting. Most of her projects involved organizing, directing and choreographing fashion shows for charity. One of these events exposed Lynne to an established image consultant who recruited her to join the firm. Lynne was terrified that she didn't know anything about business but her new mentor promised to teach her everything she needed to know to be successful. This early career experience was something that shaped Lynne and taught her the importance of having exceptional business skills in addition to the technical knowledge of fashion and image consulting. It's a key to success that Lynne shares with every image consultant trained at her company, the London Image Institute.

Just as fate had it that Lynne would meet her mentor, Lynne's mentor pushed her into starting her own image consulting business and then sent the lead that would propel Lynne to success.  Lynne was to be featured in an article on image consulting by Time Magazine. The exposure of that article resulted in 30 women from across the nation contacting Lynne for training -- the London Image Institute was born.

London Image Institute (LII) is an international business conceived, founded, and operated by Lynne. LII trains image consultants on how to be an image consultant. Training begins with the ABC's (appearance, behavior, and communication) of image consulting and adds business development skills to assure the graduate can transform their knowledge into income. A successful image consultant must be able to put the ABC's into practice and sell themselves to prospective clients. That is where LII shines.  Additionally, LII offers advanced training in personal branding with an in depth focus on the human element: training, facilitation, consulting, and coaching.

Beyond the programs at LII, Lynne has served as a thoughtleader in the image consulting industry contributing to the three certification programs for the industry's global trade association, AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) of which she serves as International President. Lynne considers her "huge world view" to be a cornerstone to her success. "People have the courage and freedom to grow and flourish. Limitations are self imposed." She also attributes her success to "not being a do it yourselfer" meaning she leverages the potential of others and contributes to their growth by forming teams and alliances.

Lynne's typical customers are mostly women who want to be entrepreneurs. They may have corporate backgrounds or are moms reentering the workforce as entrepreneurs. The men frequently come from retail backgrounds or from corporate development departments. Lynne also sees a new demographic in the young college graduate who is looking to start his or her own business. She has a few corporate customers but the corporations typically outsource their corporate development to graduates of the London Image Institute. Many of Lynne's graduates earn six figure incomes from their relationships with corporate clients.

In keeping with her mantra of leveraging the potential of others, Lynne has a 10 year plan to sell the business and have the company carry on her vision. This will involve training a successor, broadening the structure and tools for image consultants, and establishing a solid passive income for herself.  

Lynne grew up in a family of educators where she inherited her parents zest for learning and teaching.  Add this to her life of international travel which began at the age of 10 and you have a culturally aware woman who exudes confidence when she walks into the room and explains how you too can be self assured with high self esteem.  Lynne is constantly learning and boasts about her 20 years of transformational training and eleven years experience in executive coaching as examples of her continual quest for knowledge.  In addition to English, Lynne also speaks French and Italian. A strong appreciation of beauty, art, color and style rounds out her interests and aligns well with helping people reach their potential as an image consultant.

Although Lynne claims to always be running the business as an integral part of her lifestyle, she does find time to travel, exercise, hike, scuba dive, go sea kayaking, and patronize the theater and art museums.

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Reporting and photography by Sam Dobrow. Sam Dobrow is a freelance writer and photographer. For more information visit