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London flat uses spikes to keep homeless people away from the entrance

The Telegraph reported a story today about an unusual deterrent to keep homeless people away from their front doors—metal spikes. An expensive flat in London recently added the spikes to prevent homeless people from sleeping outside their entrance. The flats sell for around £800,000.

London flat uses spikes to keep homeless people away from entrance.
The Telegraph Facebook page

After someone posted a picture of the spikes on social media, the flat’s critics have spoken out. One complaint is that the flat is treating homeless people like pigeons since spikes are also used to stop pesky pigeons.

An anonymous couple said the spikes were installed to deter homeless people from using the property as sleeping quarters. Apparently some London residents don’t realize that using spikes to deter the homeless isn’t a new concept. Homeless charities say businesses already use the metal studs on ledges and in doorways.

Supposedly, this has been going on for at least a decade. Tesco, a London business, says they only use spikes to deter bad behavior like smoking and drinking outside their business. Tesco says bad behavior may intimidate customers.

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