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London fertility clinic offers egg as a prize

A clinic in London, England has placed a human egg as a raffle prize.
A clinic in London, England has placed a human egg as a raffle prize.
AP Photo/Kristy Wigglesworth,pool

Some feel the London Bridge Fertility Gynecology and Genetics Centre  in London, England, may have gone too far. They are "raffling off a human egg to promote its baby profiling service," according to Theresa M. Erickson of Erickson Law offices. She has expertise in reproductive law.

Ms. Erickson reports "the clinic insists it is legal under UK law."  The clinic says the winner of the lottery will "be able to select the egg donor by education, upbringing, and racial background."  The article goes on to say the treatment will be done at their partner clinic, The Genetics and IVF Institute in Virginia.  There will also be a cash prize to help with the expenses for this fertility treatment.

Ms. Erickson says "the sale of eggs for profit is banned in Britain and donors have to agree that they can be identified and contacted by their offspring once they turn 18." In contrast the article confirms that "U.S. law allows women to sell their eggs, and they can make up to $10,000" each time they sell their eggs depending on the market and quality of the eggs.

Donor shortage

Because of the regulations in Britain requiring donors to reveal their identities and permitting offspring contact, there is a shortage of egg donors there.  Consequently, donors are trying to find alternative ways to become donors.


The Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority is the governing regulatory body in England.  They have contacted the clinic and are looking into the process and involvement of the clinic.  The clinic reports that the patient has given approval for the raffle.

You can read more about this story at Surrogacy and Egg Donation issues,"London Clinic Offering Egg Raffle-Regulators Interested," at


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