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London 2012: It's time to re-open the games!

London 2012: The official video game of the Olympic games.
London 2012: The official video game of the Olympic games.
Sega studios Australia, Sega

On August 12, 2012 the London Olympic games were closed and 17 days of competition between the best athletes in the world came to an end. Records were set and legacies cemented. The games have come and gone, the athletes have either completed their respective seasons, begun to explore other interests or retired from competition altogether. Still others have hinted at competing again in Rio in 2016. But what options exist for those who would have been up for another few days of intense competition? Sega studios Australia, along with publisher Sega has successfully provided fans of the Olympics and avid video game players with the best way to continue the London Olympic experience.

London 2012: The official video game of the Olympic games is broken down into a couple of different modes. The first is the Olympic campaign mode which allows the player to select the nation which they will represent over the course of the games. The opening ceremony follows and the player is given the option to select two events from the list provided and the next step is to qualify for the final round of each event. Medals are awarded and shortened versions of the winner’s national anthem is played. The games will progress over a six-day period and conclude with the closing ceremony. Another very compelling mode of play is the Event mode which allows the player to create a custom play list of events in the order they choose. Medal ceremonies are omitted but medals are tallied for bragging rights.

London 2012 is also kinect enabled, which allows players to compete in what is known as a party mode which pits up to four players against one another or against computer opponents for the top position on the leader board. As relates to playability, the kinect gameplay is not as physically demanding as some might desire. However, the running events rely more on the movement of arms as opposed to jogging in place to move around the track.

Despite these realities, one thing is certain. Practice and preparation are vital to competing well in the games. One might not excel at all events initially or ever, but the joy of the Olympics is competing at top potential, setting records, wins/losses and doing it all over again. The game is available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.