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Lolo Jones starts weight loss; looking towards Olympic track team in 2016

Lolo Jones is already talking about 2016 Olympics
Lolo Jones is already talking about 2016 Olympics
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The Sochi Olympics had two medals for the USA bobsledding team. Winning silver and bronze, the ladies couldn't be happier. However the third bobsled with Lolo Jones is going home without a medal. The chance of losing hope for a medal has to be devastating to the athlete who has been after a medal for years. Never fear, the athlete is already on her journey to be part of the 2016 Summer Olympics. On Thursday during an interview with the Today show, Lolo Jones let the world know her Olympic medal quest isn't over.

"Definitely my focus, obviously, is track and field right now. I get seven days off, already in the process of losing weight," said Lolo Jones on the Today show. Joined by her bobsled team, the medals for Team USA was significant, but the plans of Jones’ future seemed to overshadow the moment.

Apparently she is looking to change her focus once again and is hinting that she is already looking forward to being part of the Summer Olympics in 2016.

While some fans are excited to see where the star takes her career in the future, most viewers don’t feel Lolo Jones deserves any more time on the track or bobsledding. Her teammates have raised questions about her being chosen over other athletes and her polarizing attitude has caused issues.

Will Lolo Jones make the 2016 Olympics? Anything is possible.