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2014 Winter Olympics

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Lolo Jones shares disappointment on Olympic Bobsled runs: ‘My heart is hurting'

Lolo Jones might not get a medal in Sochi Olympics
Lolo Jones might not get a medal in Sochi Olympics
Photo by Marianna Massey

Lolo Jones is looking at ending her dreams in Sochi and losing another possibility for an Olympic medal. Now she has less than 24 hours to turn it around. After the first two heats at the Olympic women’s bobsled event the athlete, along with her pilot, are set at 11th place. According to USA Today on Tuesday, the other two bobsleds have medal potential, it doesn't look good for Lolo Jones.

“Yep my heart is hurting and moments like these I just praise and worship God. This song on repeat,” tweeted Lolo Jones from her official Twitter account. The star appears to be completely disappointed at her standings and know she needs a miracle to make things happen.

While she hasn't given up yet, Lolo definitely sounds disappointed. With only two chances left on Wednesday if she doesn’t help get more speed with the bobsled she will go home without a medal and prove her critics correct. While Lolo Jones’ future is questionable with the bobsled run, it appears that America will have a winner either way. Bobsled USA-1 is leading with first place and USA-2 is currently standing in third.

The final heats, 3 and 4, are tomorrow in Sochi. As the Olympics have definitely been a disappointment for some, Lolo still has a chance and what happens next is entirely up to the team. Go Team USA!