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2014 Winter Olympics

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Lolo Jones seductively shows off her Team USA uniform in Munich (photo)

Sexy Lolo Jones seductively shows off her Team USA uniform
Jamie Greubel/Instagram

Lolo Jones might be counting down until the day she helps with the gold at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, but the athlete isn't waiting until then to take the spotlight. The new uniforms of the bobsledding team has arrived and Team USA checked out the fit of the uniformed. According to NBC Sports on Wednesday the bobsledding team was in Munich to get their gear before heading on to Russia.

So what happened when Lolo Jones tried on her Olympic uniform? Well, she could have been walking a catwalk in Milan the way she flipped her hair and seductively zipped her zipper on the front of the uniform. First look was a seductive video that Jones posted of the event, but there was more.

Another Olympic teammate, Jamie Greubel, posted a picture of Lolo showcasing her backside. The posed look was to offer a glimpse of her figure while in the bodysuit and it’s safe to say that she knew how to make every curve count.

While some athletes make the tradition of picking up the uniforms little less like a fashion show and offer a little more respect, Lolo is out to win the gold. Reminding the fans she is on her way to Sochi, she gives a show to make sure people tune in. These types of antics are all part of the big lead up to Jones’ day on the track. Apparently Richard Sherman and Lolo Jones are sharing for camera time. Who can blame them either? As they are some of the best athletes in the world.

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