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2014 Winter Olympics

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Lolo Jones reveals facial injury; bobsledder hit bobsled brake (photo)

Lolo Jones shows off her injury from Bobsled brake
Lolo Jones shows off her injury from Bobsled brake
Lolo Jones/Facebook

Lolo one has a badge of honor after her first injury at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. The athlete might be icing her injury as she has what she called a “goose egg” on her face. Apparently the injury happened on Wednesday and the bobsled star took to Twitter to show her fans exactly how bad her face looked. According to WHO TV on Thursday, the injury is noticeable on her left brow.

“Why I have a headache...” wrote Lolo Jones from her official Facebook account. The star shared her injury in a short video and it definitely looked like her brow had a big bump above the eye.

Jones explains in the video that she hit the break in the bobsled when she slipped. The star isn’t expecting any sympathy from the fans though as she knows it is part of the journey. Instead the star seems to find some comfort in a Rocky movie as the boxer as a similar injury.

While Lolo Jones might not be looking her best with the bruised face, the star doesn’t mind showing exactly what kind of injury that she encounters on the journey. Of course the injury won’t impact her performance on the course as she can see just fine. The bump on her head is just above her eye socket and far enough away that it shouldn't impact her performance.