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Human Barbie: Lolita Richi is the 'Human Barbie' teen (VIDEO)

The latest 'Human Barbie' rage – the Barbie doll imitation craze - is 16-year-old Lolita Richi. Richi, who is from Ukraine, is not only the latest Human Barbie, but she is reportedly the youngest, according to US Magazine on Wednesday. As her story goes, Richi has acquired the flat stomach, long legs, and large chest – as has the Mattel dolls of the past.

Lolita Richi is the Teen Human Barbie.
YouTube screenshot

While Richi has obviously aspired to be like the Barbie doll, there are those in the medical field who believe that the young girl may be doing herself damage by being on a regiment that imitates the physical appearance of an attractive Barbie. Richi has acquired a 20-inch waist accompanied by a 32F bra size. Additionally, she chooses to wear colored contact lenses which give her more of a wide-eyed Barbie doll appearance. Ms. Richi has been insistent regarding her effort to look like Barbie by saying that she has not had any type of surgery to get the close-as-humanly-possible Barbie look. Additionally, she insists that her online photos have not been digitally manipulated in any way, shape, or form to present a dishonest image of herself.

A board-certified plastic surgeon by the name of Dr. Anthony Youn of Michigan spoke with Yahoo! News about Richi’s feat on becoming a human Barbie. Dr. Youn does not believe that the girl’s look is natural at all. He says that it would be virtually impossible to look the way she does without some sort of assistance – as he says that her look is simply not natural.

The “Human Barbie” phenomenon has been around for some time. What is unusual about Richi is that she is so very young – still developing physically and mentally – while trying to emulate the plastic doll. Others who have tried such an endeavor have been older, such as Valeria Lukyanova who is 23 years old. As far as being surgically altered to look like the Barbie doll, it is not legal for cosmetic procedures to be performed on persons younger than 18 years of age in the United States – unless they have parental consent. Furthermore, many doctors have asserted that they will not do such procedures – even with parental consent.

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