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Louise Scott made her fortune in the beauty industry

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Beauty products are just as popular now as they were in the past. There are so many skin creams that can improve the complexion. On the news, we often see stories about makeovers that include a haircut, a new hair color, makeup and a completely new wardrobe. Louise Scott, who was Newark’s first black millionaire, loved the world of beauty so much and improving a person’s appearance that she decided to become a beautician. During the day, she worked as a housekeeper in order to make a living. At night, she followed her passion and studied to become a beautician.

In 1940, she opened her first beauty parlor. Her business boomed so much that she opened five more salons, a guesthouse and a hotel. When Scott moved to the Krueger Mansion, she not only made it her home but she also converted it to the Scott College of Beauty Culture. She opened the doors for many other young ladies who studied at the Scott College of Beauty Culture and fulfilled their dreams. Not only did Scott solely focus on her beauty business, she gave back to the people of Newark. She started a nursery and baby clinic; she also assisted the elderly and disadvantaged.

The Krueger Scott Mansion, where Scott lived, where she started the College of Beauty Culture, is now abandoned. Scott gave so much back to Newarkers but it seems as if she has been forgotten, for her former home is dilapidated. There are no definite plans to restore the Krueger Mansion to its former beauty, but there was one proposal to turn this historic site into an African-American museum. What a wonderful idea this would be to celebrate the life of Louise Scott and honor her for all the contributions that she made to Newarkers during her lifetime and to society. The museum would help Newark’s economy by helping to create jobs and would bring tourism to the city. If the Krueger Mansion was converted into a museum, our youth would be inspired by the successful story of Louise Scott and dream big dreams.