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LogMeIn Pro: What is it and why you might need it

Those of us who have more than one computer may have recently found the world's greatest software program to help us manage the information and data that we want to access on each system. After having recently purchased our first iPad system after using only personal computers (PC's) for many years, we now have several systems, with desktops, laptops and now the iPad. How to manage all of these computers and how to retrieve the data from one system while using the other?

After hearing my son talk about the LogMeIn program, I decided to try this software program to help manage my fleet of computers. Son said you can go to the website, and download, for free, the program to access your computer from another computer. So I did that, and downloaded the LogMeIn program, which is free to use for up to 10 computers.

The website 'upgraded' my download to the LogMeIn Pro, but from my reading of the terms, after 30 days, the software program will remind me to pay a fee, or continue with only the free version. I then downloaded the program on to each computer I wanted to access.

Now, while each of my computers is running, I can log in to the LogMeIn program, and choose which of the computers I want to access. Availability of internet access is required, and I have found it fairly easy to learn and use the software program LogMeIn Pro. For companies which have a fleet of computers, the beauty of this program is that you can log in and access any of your computer systems while you are at home or in the car, or out eating, as long as you have internet access on your 'base' computer and on the ones you are trying to reach.

(Update on Jan 25, 2014: I noticed when I logged in to the LogMeIn program that the 'LogMeIn Free' software will no longer be free after January 31, 2014. The prices for LogMeIn Pro are available on their website.)

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