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Logitech G unveils the G402 Hyperion Fury

Today, July 30, Logitech G unveiled their newest mouse: the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Ultra-Fast FPS Gaming Mouse. So what's new in this mouse? For starters, the Hyperion fury features Logitech's Fusion Engine. According to Logitech, the engine is a sensor that can "reliably track over 500 inches per second."

Check out the world's fastest mouse.
photo courtesy of Logitech G, used with permission

It also features Logitech's Delta Zero technology - a sensor that can track with unrivaled accuracy. How accurate? According to Pate in the video above, it offers pin-point accuracy from the optical sensor. So irrespective of how slowly or quickly you move the mouse, the physical distance it travels will always correlate to the same amount of movement on screen.

The mouse also boasts eight programmable buttons that can be configured for complex macros or single keystrokes and four DPI settings that can be shifted on the fly. At first glance, this mouse looks just like the G502 Proteus Core. However, the real question is how does it feel in your hands, and how different does it move? Of course, the Proteus Core offered other features such as additional weights and surface calibration. Another question is how does a mouse, that is geared for FPS players, work for other gamers out there?

As usual, the mouse comes with the standard 2-year warranty - a feature that always seems to stand out for Logitech gear. You'll also need to download the Logitech Gaming Software in order to properly use the G402. The mouse is currently available for pre-order via the Logitech website for a price of $59.99.

For more information, then click on the link or watch the video which features product manager, Chris Pate.

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