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Logitech G proudly displays it's new 'Proteus Core' gaming mouse at PAX East

Logitech G's new gaming mouse the "Proteus Core"
Logitech G's new gaming mouse the "Proteus Core"
Logitech G

At PAX East 2014, publishers and game developers made their way out to show off some of their latest games to hit the market. So it only made sense that companies like Logitech G came out as well to show off the latest gear to play these games with. One of these products was the new "Proteus Core" gaming mouse.

Officially known as the Logitech G-502 "Proteus Core" Tunable Gaming Mouse, it is the most advanced gaming mouse Logitech has to offer.

Boston Games Examiner was treated to a demonstration of the gaming mouse's abilities by Chris Pate who is the Product Manager for Gaming Mice for Logitech G. During the demo he showed off the Proteus Core's ability to tune itself to any surface you play on whether it's a piece of white paper or one of Logitech's gaming pads. In addition, the mouse can hold up to five 3.6g weights. They can also be configured in various positions on the bottom of the mouse (in either the front, back or sides) to distribute the weight in different ways.

Pate compared the mouse's ability to adapt to different surfaces like the different kind of tires you can buy for your car. "It's all about making the product work well for the environment that it's in." Furthermore, he was able to demonstrate the tuning process for the mouse. A great feature about the mouse is that the tuning information is stored on the mouse. This allows you to bring the mouse to different locations, save your surface tunings to those locations and not worry about having to remember your configurations for different locales.

The Proteus Core also a feature known as automated game detection mode. It detects any games installed on a machine and set individual configurations for the games. There are currently 280 games in their profile list. If a game doesn't exists, then you can create one. Finally, their database it always updating itself, so you just need to refresh it to see what latest games have been added to it.

There is also a dual mode scroll wheel that clicks or freely spins. The keyplates have also been improved upon for lasting durability and it has a braided cable for better flexibility. Overall, a lot has been done to enhance the comfort of the mouse.

Proteus Core is currently available at for a price of $79.99.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth review coming soon.

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