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Logan Stiner's death: Prom king died from powdered caffeine overdose

Logan Stiner is the prom king who died of a caffeine overdose after ingesting caffeine powder. The death came just days before the teen's high school graduation, and his sudden death stunned everybody who knew him. Huffington Post shared the details on Tuesday.

Logan Stiner died after ingesting a toxic amount of caffeine powder
Screencap via video

Stiner's brother found him unresponsive on the floor and called 911 on May 27 around 11 a.m. Though authorities initially thought Logan's death was from natural causes, his mother found caffeine powder at the home wondered if it might be related to the teen's sudden death. It took a month, but now an autopsy has confirmed that the power caused the teen's death. The Chronicle-Telegram reports that Stiner had 70 micrograms of caffeine per milliliter of blood in his system.

As a point of comparison, an energy drink typically has three to 15 micrograms of caffeine in it. Fifty micrograms is said to be a lethal dose. Stiner was known as a healthy teen who only drank coffee once in a while and he didn't do drugs. His mother, Katie Stiner, was unaware that he was consuming caffeine powder. She indicated that he once mentioned something he took as a “pre-workout,” but she did not know he was putting his life at risk.

It has been determined that Logan did not have any heart conditions. It is said he took some of the pure caffeine powder on the day of his death. He then had a seizure and cardiac arrhythmia and those together led to his death. It seems likely he had no idea the powder was putting his life at risk. Logan Stiner had been a wrestler and popular student, and he had planned to attend the University of Toledo to study chemical engineering.

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