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Logan Stiner: Prom king dies from lethal dose of caffeine powder substance

Logan Stiner, an Ohio teenager, died from a caffeine overdose just before he was to graduate high school. The 18-year-old was discovered by his brother on the floor of his home on May 27.

Huffington Post reports July 1 that Stiner was found at about 11 a.m. that morning after he had collapsed. His brother had no idea when he fell or how long he'd been there.

His brother dialed 911:

"He's on the ground passed out. I don't know how long he's been lying there."

At first authorities thought the teenager had died from natural causes, but it was soon discovered that Logan died from a massive caffeine overdose after his mother, Katie Stiner, found bags of caffeine powder in the house. The autopsy proved the Prom King of Keystone High School had consumed too much caffeine.

Lorain County Coroner Dr. Stephen Evans said Logan Stiner had an excess of "70 micrograms of caffeine per milliliter of blood in his system -- 20 micrograms more than what is considered a lethal dose," the report stated.

Stiner was a star high school wrestler in LaGrange and he told his mother that he'd taken a "pre-workout" substance. It's suspected that the caffeine powder might have been involved as part of the substance.

Lora Balka, who lives in LaGrange says:

"I never thought it would hurt an 18-year-old child. I hope they paid attention and learned something from it."

10 News reports that Logan was a student who had a big heart. He also supported Special Olympics and its causes.

Logan Stiner was planning to study chemical engineering at the University of Toledo.

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