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Logan Square six degrees from Reader's 2009 "Best of" list


Yesterday I posted that Avondale shows well in Reader's 2009 "Best of" list, and while Logan Square was equally represented in number on the Chicago Reader "Best of Chicago 2009" list (see my post over at Peopling Places), I think Logan Square was underrepresented for its geographic size.

You decide.  Are the following, which also ranked best in the Reader list, just digging a little deeper for the Logan Square connection or stretching the truth?  They may be one or two degrees from Logan Square, but none are as far as six.

Best Bang for Your Buck - Sultan's Market.  While not yet in Logan Square, the Sultan's Market folks are planning to open a full-service restaurant, Masada, at 2206 N. California Ave.

Best Jazz Act - Mike Reed's People, Places & Things.  Drummer Mike Reed is the organizer of the Pitchfork Music Festival put on by Pitchfork Media.  Pitchfork Media makes its home in the Logan Square Auditorium building.

The Reader list includes the Reader's best picks, like the two above, and the best picks of readers of the Reader.  The balance of this list is all readers' choices.

Best Book by a Chicago Author in the Past Year - The Slide by Kyle Beachy.  Beachy is a Logan Square resident and recently posted a preliminary impression of the Logan Square skate park on his blog.

Best Filmmaker - Joe Swanberg.  In the summer of 2006, Swanberg shot his film, "Hannah Takes the Stairs" (trailer below) in a Logan Square apartment.

 Best Folk or Country Act - Devil in a Woodpile.  Band member Rick "Cookin'" Sherry makes his home in Logan Square.

Best Jazz Act - Joel Paterson & The Modern Sounds.  Guitarist Paterson also performs with Devil in a Woodpile (see above).

Best Show I've Seen in a Long Time - Andrew Bird at Millenium Park, September 8, 2008.  When not on tour, composer/violinist Bird was a regular at last year's readers' choice for Best Restaurant, Lula Café, and a Logan Square resident, though I'm not sure he still is.  Bird recently shot a video (below) featuring Mucca Pazza, the band I first saw perform at Unity Park and which held the release party for its latest album at Stan Mansion