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Log Monitor by Monitis allows monitoring of any log file

Lines being searched in a log file
Lines being searched in a log file
Photo Courtey of Monitis

A new feature when it comes to log file monitoring.

Monitoring specialist, Monitis has done it this time.

They have introduces a new feature for Log Monitor, the all-in-one monitoring suite that makes a company's website function like it should.

The innovative new feature lets users monitor any type of log file. This helps boost the server and application monitoring capabilities of Monitis. You also get valuable information for debugging as it helps detect changes in log activities.

Per Monitis, here is what you can expect from the new Log Monitor:

The new Monitis Log Monitor eliminates these boundaries. Users can now monitor any type of log file available on their file system independently of an application, system log, or any other .txt-file used for data mining.

“The new Log Monitor not only leverages the capabilities of our solution, it also has the potential to make the life of system administrators a whole lot easier,” says Mikayel Vardanyan, Director of Operations at Monitis. “We are convinced that the increase in user comfort speaks for itself as it helps our users to protect and support their business cases way more effectively.”

Log Monitor gives a user flexibility.

Users can now set up their own alert rules and order them according to their organization's needs. They will be able to quickly recognize reoccurring patterns and problems. This is a powerful tool.

Additional information is available at: and

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