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Log Me Once


Now you can use free USB encryption software. It is secure and can be used by Android or iPhone. Here are a few things that happen when you don't have Log Me Once:

Don’t be an Easy Target:
My passwords have been Cracked, Stolen and Hacked. Fraud and identity theft starts with users like me who may be employing weak or easy to guess passwords.I could have prevented hackers from capturing one of my passwords and easily find a way to daisy chain to pick my other remaining passwords! Now, I can’t even log in to my own accounts, and I am locked out. I am infuriated.

Convenience + Security:

Protect your Credentials. Enjoy secure computing while protecting your passwords and IDs with Military-Grade encryption technology.It’s that simple. Get out-of-the-box integration with popular applications, including Google Apps, and many more. Simply pick your App from our catalog and you are ready to go. Greater security and speedy implementation means a better return on your investment and a faster time to value. Convenience + Security. And, It’s Free.

Exposed Passwords:

Unless you have already purchased and correctly installed expensive encryption products, your user names and passwords are stored in a readable format, in your own computer. It’s like a sitting duck, waiting for a hunter or hacker to collect your access credentials in seconds. Have you acquired high-grade encryption software for everyone in your household or team?

Multiple Login Challenges:

Do you have more than one web account? Then, logging into your accounts requires multiple passwords, multiple user IDs, and sometimes even more. Accessing each App you would need to first open a browser tab, and then type in each and every Web URL, user name or even password. With your existing method of accessing your accounts, there are too many steps. With an abundance of accounts come too many challenges.

You can find them on Kickstarter and here

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