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Loews Will Pamper Away Woes

Want to forget your woes? Head south to no more snows? Pamper yourself with at night at Loews.

Order up a drink at the bar.
Order up a drink at the bar.
Marisa L. Williams, Thorisaz Views
When coming to the Crescent City, stay at the Loews Hotel.
Marisa L. Williams, Thorisaz Views

Go where you don't need winter clothes to do whatever you propose, like Jackson Square for tarots.

In the heart of the urban sprawl, Loews is two blocks from a shopping mall and near a port of call.

It's a quick hoof to the Quarter, but you can stay in and order a porter. Staff's the biggest supporter.

Responding to your beck and call, no need to walk down the hall; use the phone on the bathroom wall.

Order up a ticket stub, get directions to the yacht club, or ask them questions about the cultural hub.

Relax in the Jacuzzi tub. Go to the spa and get a rub. Feel your heart relax with each lub dub.

Let any worries drip away. What is your ideal day? Would you rather go to the casino to play?

It's right across the road. No need to worry of car getting towed. Flashing colored lights are rowed.

Tell the black jack dealer, “stay.” Watch the roulette ball roll away. Will your luck at slots sway?

Down for the festival of the bull run? Nola art will not be outdone. There's living art in the sun.

Rather take a river boat ride? That's two blocks to the side. Take a haunted tour where people died.

New Orleans has Voodoo mystery, combined with a bloody history; remember that when it's blistery.

Stay at a place that's bona fide, with stellar service they provide. This is a place to bring a bride.

Whether to relax or be on the run, for business or just for fun, Loews in New Orleans is the one.

Their gym requires a membership, offers lemonade to sip, and a has a long pool with markings to flip.

The pool is set up for laps, so remember to bring swim caps, or fins, if you like the flips and flaps.

Go on a haunted cemetery tour. Observe places obscure. Shop the latest and hand-made couture.

Go ahead, treat yourself. Sample that package on the shelf. Try age defying to preserve the self.

Get a food massage and a pedicure, or an impressive manicure; services at the spa are a great cure.

Take in breathtaking views. Go into the wet bar for booze, or go down and order up chartreuse.

It's amazing what the staff can do. They don't forget you, and they know of places tried and true.

Order up a carafe, and try to stump the staff by asking for something outlandish like a giraffe.

Curl up and have a laugh, venture out to the Quarter's riffraff, or chomp into a tenderly seared calf.

Loews has gourmet fine dining, a bar with a crystal ship shining, and marble work that's defining.

Enjoy dual shower heads, towels with thick threads, and and incredibly comfortable, soft beds.

It's like the stars are aligning. You've found the sliver lining. The thought of leaving incites pining.

The packing process pangs your heart. Tell the bell hop to bring the rolling cart; he'll help you depart.

He takes luggage to and fro, but you're not quite yet ready to go. Pay him to wait, flipping him dough.

He leaves to load your stuff, but you haven't had enough. Picking out a favorite can be tough.

Ask for a rare bordeaux from a Napoleon-rated chateau. Get inspired like Vincent Van Gogh.

Order a snack a la carte with memories that you'll take to heart, then give your ride a kick start.

For more information on the Loews Hotel in New Orleans, The author of more than 100 books, Marisa Williams earned her Master's in Writing from the Johns Hopkins University. For more by Marisa, visit and

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