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Loddo Grand clothing reached Florida and is rising to the international market

Loddo Grand
Loddo Grand
Aaron Beam

Loddo Grand Clothing Line has finally reached Florida and is rising quickly to the international market. The distinctive look and creative outlook is what founder and owner Aaron Beam is aiming for. The fashion industry is very competitive and Loddo Grand is ready to cater to the industry with full force.

The clothing line was created in New York and has been taking off since 2012. Aaron's purpose was to create a clothing line similar but different from his inspiration the Polo brand. The clothing design is an expression of him self and the movement he built. As an artist and business man Aaron Beam's Loddo Grand accommodates to anyone who has a fashion eye and want to create a first class image.

With a spring line on its way, Aaron Beam is working toward a distribution deal with a goal of reaching the international market. A goal that is apparently not far from reach. The global expansion of Loddo Grand is one to look forward to in the near future.

To experience the Loddo Grand Clothing line brand go to or follow the line on Instagram @loddogrand