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Lockport to revive 100-mile relay tradition


In June 1968, eight boys from Lockport Senior High School, running around the local track “in spurts of 110 yards, 220 yards, and 440 yards,” covered 100 miles in 7 hours, 27 minutes, 55 seconds, averaging sub-4:30 mile pace and setting a world record.  (Unfortunately, although several record-keeping groups and the United States Congress have recognized their record time, the group is not listed in The Guinness Book of World Records.  The team holding the record in the book ran about an hour slower).

In the spirit of the record-setting run, another 100-mile relay event will take place Sunday, July 25th, at the Emmet Belknap Middle School track. The Lockport 100 Mile Team Relay is open to scholastic and adult teams of up to 10 members, who, running in increments of 400 meters, will be able to split the distance among themselves any way they like.

Event organizer Walter Potocki, a science teacher at Lockport High School and assistant coach of the cross-country team, says, “We [had] been trying to organize some type of road race (5k, 8k, 10K) for the last few years, but the flood of area races and the logistics were difficult. I learned of the 100 mile relay that one team from the high school would do on a yearly basis in the 1960’s and thought it would be a fun event to open up to multiple teams.”

So far, seven teams, each with ten athletes, have signed up for the race. There is room for up to twenty teams, and Potocki hopes to see at least ten. Late registration lasts through July 23rd (at, with fees of $200 for scholastic division teams and $250 for the open division.

The race will last twelve hours, from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. It will be chip-timed and an athletic trainer will be available all day.  A DJ is scheduled to provide music during the day, with three bands taking over entertainment in the evening.

An average mile pace of 7:12 would enable teams to finish in under 12 hours. However, teams of runners who do not expect to finish 100 miles in that time are still encouraged to enter and see how much ground they can cover.

The proceeds from concession sales will go to the Lockport cross-country team, and any proceeds from the event itself will go to the Lockport High School Foundation.


  • Bob Brown 5 years ago

    Enjoyed the article. Guiness Book people did acknowledged the time as a new world record but insisted they could not open up a "new catagory" in their publication which is the reason the record is not in their book.

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