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Lockport, Illinois standoff with SWAT team: Man in custody

Lockport, Illinois standoff with SWAT team
Lockport, Illinois standoff with SWAT team

A standoff with authorities occurred in Lockport, Illinois – some 25 miles southeast of Chicago – on Thursday morning. The standoff which involved SWAT teams occurred at a home on Jefferson Street near Thornton, according to an ABC report on Thursday.

Local authorities were called when gun shots were heard at the home at approximately 4:30 a.m. The suspect reportedly got into a fight with his spouse. During the fight, he kicked his wife out of their home and started firing a handgun at homes of his neighbors.

According to a neighbor, Cynthia Rodriguez, a gunshot came into her bedroom wall and the plaster fell on her head.

Terry Lemming, the Lockport police chief, said it was a tough situation because there are homes right next door to the site of the shooting. He said that neighbors were told to go into their basements instead of evacuating them from their homes.

The man suspected of the shooting stayed holed up inside his home until 9:30 a.m. when he was finally talked into coming out of his home.

The man, 41-years-old, was wearing a bathrobe when he was surrounded by a SWAT team and taken into custody.

The suspect has no recent criminal history, according to police, and did not seem to be influenced by alcohol or drugs.

School District 91 informed homes with school children who live in the area that they would be excused from school due to the incident. The school buildings were on soft lockdown.

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