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Lockout, Blackout, and finally Lockdown

Aerial of Lockout remake: Lockdown.
Aerial of Lockout remake: Lockdown.

The Master Chief Collection is bringing Halo players back to the basics with the fan favorite map Lockout reincarnated as Lockdown. The map was available to play for the special few attending PAX. Lockout: Classic looks beautiful and sounds pristine with the audio/visual update. Compared to the classic map, the anniversary edition is gorgeous, smooth, yet retains the classic feel of Lockout. There are minor changes from the classic map to the anniversary. First, the glass in the top of the middle is now breakable. It is not easily breakable glass though and after its inevitable destruction will eventually return to the unbroken state it started in. The only other change is that now there are three stalactites hanging above the map that can be shot down and crush the enemies below. These changes are small but adhere to the interactive level approach that is being pushed for all the anniversary maps. Check out a visual of the changes here!

Plan on battling over the shotgun in the depths below, attempting aerial escapes that more often than not lead to a suicidal plunge, and priming grenades at those snipers too deep in their scopes to notice the explosives behind them. Watch some short footage of the anniversary edition here.

The gameplay is back to the roots as well, with many players needing to readjust to the lack of sprint. Titanfall offers the ability to toggle sprint to always on and is a fantastic way to transition back to the feeling of always sprinting before we plunge into the fray at Lockdown and other classics.