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Lockdown Bar and Grill one of Chicago’s best burger joints is coming to Joliet!

"The Fat Elvis" - Food Porn from the Lockdown Bar and Grill located in Chicago's Ukrainian Village
"The Fat Elvis" - Food Porn from the Lockdown Bar and Grill located in Chicago's Ukrainian Village

The Lockdown Bar and Grill is a heavy metal themed restaurant located in Chicago’s Ukrainian village. According to the site, "the Lockdown is as dedicated to immersing its patrons in the gourmet burger and craft brew craze as it is to inundating the senses with the overpowering and awe-inducing glory of rock!"

Owners Peter “PJ” Zonis and David Jacobs have plans to open their wildly popular eatery in the former Crabigales Comedy Club located on East Cass Street in downtown Joliet. Although the Joliet restaurant business is in decline the location is a prime spot near MoJoe’s of Joliet a live music venue that features heavy metal bands. This will be a direct compliment to the Lockdown Bar and Grill. Zonis also anticipates attracting customers taking in a show at the Rialto Square Theater, guests at Harrah’s Casino, downtown workers and Joliet Junior College students.

Chicagonian's already know how incredible the fare at Lockdown Bar and Grill truly is. In fact the restaurant has a fiercely loyal following. Serving up farm to table burgers and an extensive craft beer menu is what they do best. One of the burgers they are known for is the Fat Elvis, and as you may have guessed includes peanut butter, bacon and bananas piled high on a perfectly grilled patty. You might need a knife though since all their burgers are nearly impossible to wrap your hands around and are expected to be messy but delicious! The Lockdown collaborates with Davis Creek Meats, creating their own custom blend, ground daily.

The Lockdown Bar and Grill also holds true to the prison lore that surrounds Joliet so there’s no surprise in their name or menu items like, "The Big House," "Conjugal Visit," or "Flight Risk." This tongue and cheek approach has locals buzzing and there is no doubt that the anticipation of this unique concept will bring people in but the quality and service will keep them coming back for more.

There is no date set for the opening of the Joliet location but Zonis has stated they are nearing the finish line. The original Lockdown Bar and Grill has been featured on "Chicago’s Best" and "Check, Please!" to name a few. To check out their menu online click here Lockdown Menu.