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Lock of Hair

Traveler: “Master, please explain to me how the average person may know of what we experience. When I consider, speaking with the members of my family and trying to relate to them some of our spiritual teaching, I fear my explanation will fall short and not convince them to follow our Way.”

Master: “The question you raise is a multi-level one and presumes we have a duty to convince others to follow our Way; that is not so. God or the Light is all loving and has created a way for each person to draw closer. The Path we follow is our way, because we are called to follow it. Does God love one child more than another?

In time, all travelers have an individual experience of God; some in this world, and others in the next. This matter is beyond our control or understanding. Yet, in this matter, it is love which rules, and do not fear- all will receive full measure.

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