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Loch Ness Monster dead? Lack of sightings have people talking

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Is the Loch Ness Monster dead? A lack of sightings has believers wondering if the legendary mythical monster is gone for good, The Huffington Post reported on Feb. 10.

According to reports, there has been no sighting of the Loch Ness Monster in the past 18 months. This marks the longest stretch of time that there’s been without a “confirmed” sighting of the water monster since 1925.

Now, the man in charge of keeping track of the Scottish water monster is getting worried, and fears that the Loch Ness Monster may be dead and gone forever.

Although believers dread hearing such news, if the Loch Ness Monster has died then the appropriate team of scientists and/or cryptozoologists could possibly head a mission to find the creature’s remains, and prove once and for all that the Loch Ness Monster does/did exist.

What are your thoughts on fears that the Loch Ness Monster is dead? Do you believe in Nessy?