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Locating Jobs During a Company Merger

Determining if its okay to interview for new job opportunities is perfectly normal. In fact, many employers are aware there will be turnover. This is because it is practically normal to experience some level of anxiety if your job is in jeopardy. Furthermore, the build up of uncertainty and the unknown can be very fearful. While it may be appropriate for some individuals to ride out the tide, for others, this may not be an option as a result of personal circumstances, financial responsibilities, and even family. The risk of losing medical benefits, incentives and income can be very risky for some individuals. As a result seeking out employment prior to your job elimination can ease some of those fears and worries you may be experiencing. So you may be wondering how do you begin? Or you may be even asking yourself how do you find the time to research available job openings and apply? Well, these simple steps are just what you need to get you headed in the right direction. Locating Job Opportunities Prior to A Job Elimination

1) Update Your Resume - Be sure your present job and responsibilities are reflected on your résumé. You can guarantee you will be asked about your most recent position ad why you are looking to leave your current employer.

2) Update Your Cover Letter - Remember while a resume is important, for many jobs a cover letter is an essential component to your application package.

3) Locate Open Jobs- The job seeking tools you were once familiar with may have drastically changed since you were last in the job market. While many jobs you will be able to find out about by networking or attending job fairs, many employers now post available jobs online. Some popular websites include: Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, Jobing, Facebook, LinkedIn, AARP, and UsaJobs. Even your local city, state, colleges, universities and school districts post available jobs on their websites.

4) Become Familiar with the Recruitment Process - Knowing the steps in today's recruitment process can better prepare you for the interview. The recruitment process could consist of the application, pre screening phone interview, two to three in person interviews, testing, drug screenings, and other employment verifications may be conducted prior to a job offer.

5) Brush up on Your Job Interviewing Skills - It is important to begin practicing for your upcoming interviews to outshine the competition.

Now that your company merger is on a fast track to being finalized, there are some key decisions you need to make. As a result, your career outlook may look bleek. But, There is no need to worry. After all there are many options available. It is important you remain optimistic during this time and remember not to limit yourself and your options. Thinking outside the box can get you on the right path in sustaining a prosperous career.

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