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Located: Just add Jeans opening store!

Just Add Jeans
Just Add Jeans

You've most likely seen the Just Add Jeans booth if you've been to a festival, mall, or expo lately. If you stopped by, you definitely purchased because you just can't resist the fun items they offer.

Just add Jeans is a local boutique that sells everything from diaper cakes to chic camisoles. For a while now the only place to find them was booth appearances or their not-the-best-designed website. However, as of April 1st they're finally opening a store!

Moving into the Bishop Arts District of North Oak Cliff, Just add Jeans will be a welcome addition to seventh street and is a great compliment to their next door neighbor Fete-ish.

If you've never walked the Bishop Arts District of North Oak Cliff then you're missing out. Over the past few years the area is revitalized with upscale shops and funky boutiques that has something to offer everyone and Just add Jeans will add greatly to that.

What do they have to offer Plus size Fashion? Just take a look at the variety of items on the website. They offer some of the best ,inexpensive accesories I've found in the metroplex. They also offer some clothing items in sizing up to 3XJ. You won't find a sizing chart on the site, so I'd wait to buy clothing at the store.  The flat rate shipping website is perfect for everyday accessories like this 55 inch set of cute pewter pearls or this white bow fold bag. However,  if you're up for a small wait til April 1st then you'll not only get to enjoy the opening of a great store but also the Wine Walk in the Bishop Arts District.

When I found out they had a storefront opening, I only had one question for Chaska, owner of Just add Jeans. I asked and she gave the best answer.

"You will find the same great prices in the store as you have online and at the shows we did/do!"

Check out Just Add Jeans on 320 West 7th St, Dallas as of April 1st. Save the date for cute fashion.


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