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Locate hiking trails


Standing inside Cathedral Tree, Astoria Or -- photo by Dave Young

Hiking is something most all of us enjoy. Getting out onto a trail away from the stresses of everyday life is longed by so many. The problem many people have is finding the right trail for them. Where do I find trails? How long are they? Does it cost anything to hike there? These are all questions which, unfortunately, convince people that hiking may not be worth the effort.

Fear not, with the wonder of the internet, many of these problems have been resolved. is a website dedicated to providing detailed information about hiking trails in your area. The site allows the user to choose the city closest to them and then lists most of the trails in that area. You can then click on the trail link and details about the trail such as, trailhead entry points, trail length, difficulty, highlights, and much, much more. This is a great site to find trails near you and even help you plan your next out of state hiking adventure. The best thing about this site, it is free. Many similar sites charge for this information, but thanks to passion for hiking, this service is free of charge. also has a reporter section which allows for passionate hikers, like your-self, report information about their favorite trails. It is hiking site, written by those who love to hike. Be sure to check it out.

For info on how to prepare your backpack, check out this article by Dave.

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