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Local youth dance ministry celebrates 15 years of praise & worship

Visionettes Liturgical Dance Ministry 15th Anniversary Celebration
Visionettes Liturgical Dance Ministry 15th Anniversary Celebration
Visionettes Liturgical Dance Ministry

When our young people can come together and lift up holy hands in praise, coming into his presence with singing and dancing, it warms the heart, blesses the soul and undoubtedly pleases our Heavenly Daddy. One Baltimore dance group, celebrates 15 years of dancing at His feet and giving God the glory.

The Visionettes Liturgical Dance Ministry is a youth group that started in the early 70's at Baltimore's own Providence Baptist Church. When the original group (formerly known as the Visionnaires) grew older, they passed along the baton to what would become the first generation of Visionettes formed in the 80's. Fast forward today in 2010, the legacy continues as the second generation of Visionettes under the leadership of Baltimore author and speaker Lynn Calvin, continue to "spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through dance" which is the dance group's primary mission.

On Sunday, December 12, 2010, the Visionettes will celebrate 15 glorious years of praise & worship through the dance. All are invited to come out and participate in this wonderful occasion. No admission fee but donations are welcome, accepted and appreciated. In addition the Visionettes are raising money for multiple projects including providing funds for the church's adult day care center. The ambitious troop has set a financial goal to raise $1000.00 and is now accepting donations toward their cause. If you are interested in sowing a seed into this ministry, please contact Lynn Calvin at 443-722-8487 or

The celebration once again will take place on Sunday, December 12, 2010 at 3 pm at Providence Baptist Church, 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21217. Please support this awesome youth group as you are led and continue to lift them up in prayer as they continue forward in ministry.



  • Evang. Morton 4 years ago

    Congrats Lynn & the Visionettes! May God continue to bless and use you to bless others for His Glory! Grace & Peace.

  • Profile picture of Victoria Poller
    Victoria Poller 4 years ago

    Send in the "Praisers: and let's worship our King. Good for the youth to stomp for Jesus. Thanks for the post Joy. Merry Christmas !!!

  • Profile picture of Beverly Mucha
    Beverly Mucha 4 years ago

    Congratulations, everyone must be so proud of their efforts, talents and ambition towards fundraising. Thanks for sharing and have a Merry Christmas!

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