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Local writing groups in Greensboro

Being a writer is often a lonely affair. You become so immersed in your characters that the world around you falls away. The people around you may not understand. Sometimes the best way to take a break is to meet with other local writers. While it may not seem like there are many writers in Greensboro, you'd be surprised to know there are several groups online and off for socializing and finding inspiration and motivation when the words refuse to flow.

Writer's Group of the Triad

Writer's Group of the Triad should be your first stop. With plenty of inspiration, critique groups, list of writers and workshops you can attend, this group offers a little of everything an aspiring writer or local author might want. It is $30 to join or $32 if you prefer to use PayPal. However, the cost is nothing compared to the valuable skills and friendships you'll gain.


Meetups is actually a site dedicated to helping people find local groups in their area. Currently, there are eight groups listed for writers in Greensboro. From poetry to storytelling, there's likely a group perfect for you. If not, create your own and encourage new members. Currently, the two largest groups on Meetup are The Greensboro Sci-Fi/Fantasy Meetup Group with 260 members and Triad Storytelling Exchange with 162 members.

While there are numerous writing groups, these will give you a little local flavor and remind you that you're not alone as you struggle through your next book.

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