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Local & world stages, Neo-proxie wars & the other 1%

"My understanding is that espionage means giving secret or classified information to the enemy. Since Snowden shared information with the American people, his indictment for espionage could reveal (or confirm) that the US Government views you and me as the enemy."

That was one of the first things I read early this morning that caught my eye, attention and interest---and I’m no fan of Ron Paul.

It is the world in which we live in now and have as a species for most of the Common Era or Anno Domini (A.D.).

Turns out journalist I.F. Stone was right, “all governments lie.”

See that “all governments lie” is the thing and when someone, anyone exposes them, kind of like Toto pulling the curtain back to expose the man behind the special effects a/k/a “The Great and Powerful Oz” well most “world leaders” (read that as it is intended with all manner of sarcasm, contempt and disdain) don’t take it too kindly. Basically the leaders of the “free world?” have been (you choose); busted, caught with their pants down, telling lies. When that happens all pretense of civility and "democracy" fly out the window.

This one instance is not the only time that our “of, by and for the people” system of governance administered by lapdogs in the millionaire’s club we call a congress has been less than forthcoming with “we the people.” It took two Snowdens, Daniel Ellsberg (The Pentagon Papers) and Mark Felt (Deep Throat) to make that happen and get people’s attention forty years ago.

Today Edward Snowden and Chelsea (Bradley) Manning pulled the curtain on the great and powerful oz stoking ire and immediate condemnation and set in motion the “State’s” propaganda machine we refer to as the media. Now they are classified as "enemies of the state" and for most intents and purposes both are political prisoners.

The “Alamo City” had such an episode last year---a Mitt Moment. Now that egregious homophobic bigot is running for a new and improved office and given the district she seeks to represent she’ll likely be elected. Note that the utterances during instances such as these are not the exception, they represent the general rule. These two and most others are talking openly when they believe they are talking with those they believe support them, believe in them and believe just as they do. It is they who have brought us here.

But those contemptible acts of aggression don’t stop there.

The Middle East turmoil and its “Arab Spring” represents little more than the opportunistic shifting of battle lines and location for the Neo- proxy wars. The instability plays into the hands of the bigger, scarier other even more violent religious extremists on the world stage.

That fact brings the US’s other one-percent, those who will ever wear the uniform of the armed services, into the mix. That easily beguiled, misinformed, misguided and idealistic group of young people readily assumes the job of global enforcers for the 1% and for chump change at that. Then again you really couldn't expect the Tea Party, GOPers and Blue Dogs to raise taxes on the top 1% could you?

From Texas Red: a cratered landscape of for profit prisons, deplorable apartheid public education, lack of healthcare and politicians and majority population intent on keeping it that way…

Hasta Siempre,

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