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Local woman makes soap from breast milk

Local mother makes soap with breast milk.
Local mother makes soap with breast milk.

A woman in south Florida is not only feeding her child breast milk, but making soap with it too. According to a news article in the Sun Sentinel on September 2, 2014, Paula D'Amore is selling the custom made soap bars to mothers who have provided their own expressed breast milk. These Liquid Gold Soaps seem to soothe ailments from baby's cradle cap to adult's acne.

She notes that breast milk has many healing properties. By putting it with other organic ingredients like coconut oil, essential oils, organic honey, soybean protein, glycerin, and purified water; D'Amore has the perfect recipe for a chemical free and nutrient rich soap product. She sells the bars for $15 for a set of three.

The Sun Sentinel contacted a group of OB/GYN doctors as well as dermatologists and the reaction is that they have not heard of soap made with breast milk and couldn't make statements whether it would work or be safe. Yet, there have been mommy-bloggers who swear that this type soap is not new and does have medicinal properties when used externally. There are even YouTube videos with recipes for making it.

D'Amore only uses the customer's own breast milk and states she has never had anyone complain of side effects, nor has she ever had any problems with her own breast milk soap on her body or her baby. She doesn't market the soap --- she started by placing a post on her FaceBook page if any mothers would be interested in her custom-made soap and she received a response from over 70 people. So, her business has taken off from word of mouth. D'Amore says she doesn't make much profit, but does this task as a labor of love.