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Local woman celebrates bin Laden's death, niece lost on 9-11

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President Barack Obama annouced tonight that Osama bin Laden has been killed by American fire - in Atlantic City celebrations are being planned to celebrate the death of what many Americans believe to be the most notorious terrorist in history.

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Atlantic City native John Patrick O'Neill, 49, a former special agent for the FBI and later assistant director of the FBI was killed on 9-11 at his new post in the security area of the World Trade Center.

O'Neill had become and expert on bin Laden and Al-Qaeda and put together their direction on bombing the Kobar Tower and the USS Cole.

Only 10 miles away, one woman in Galloway is celebrating tonight. Her niece Margaret "Peggy" Jezcki Alario, 41, was killed in the World Trade Center. Her body was never recovered.

"Thank God they got him," said Anna Jezcki of Galloway Township. "I feel like justice is done. Nothing will bring her back, but justice is done and this has been long awaited."

Those dead in the World Trade Center Attack included 2,606 people. American Flight 11, 87 people; United Airlines Flight 175, 60 people; The U.S. Pentagon 125 people; American Flight 77, 59 people; United Flight 93, 40 people for a total of 2,977 people.

Jazcki said that although her niece's remains were never found, there is a living memorial for her online and a garden in New York near her home.

bin Laden was killed by America hunter-sniper fire outside of Islamabad, the capitol of Pakistan. He was killed along with other members of his family and group in a palatial home.

"Thank God that S.O.B. is dead," said Jazcki.