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Local waste removal service boon for Knoxville dog lovers

Although this is not usually a forum for product and/or service recommendations, please take a moment to learn more about the following innovative service now available in our area:

Long a subject of interest to the Knoxville Dog Examiner, the proper and sanitary disposal of pet waste is now a little easier - and less messy - thanks to local entrepreneur Alan Self. Owner of Clear Your Mines, LLC, Self is committed to providing this underappreciated but important service to area dogs and their people with his flexible and affordable approach.

While many are aware the dangers dog waste presents to both animals and humans and therefore scoop after their pets, Self found a significant number of people with dogs would have turned over the messy job of cleanup to someone else if such an option existed. This knowledge, along with his concern for the impact uncollected dog waste has on our water supply, led him to launch his venture last year. Serving Knoxville, Knox County as well as surrounding areas, Clear Your Mines serves a growing - and appreciative - group of residential and commercial clients. In addition to his primary homeowner market, Self also is willing to work with associations, apartment communities, parks and any other business or organization that has regular canine visitors.

Self provides detailed information about his business (including rates and availability) on his website and also can be contacted by phone or email. His company is insured, and is a member of both aPaws (The Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists) and the Blount Partnership.

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