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Local visitor goes to GOOGLE listing for Greyhound to collect rider and nada....

Google search says Oklahoma City's Greyhound Station is where?
greyhound logo photoshopped

Today, a young man who just left this office noted he had spent over 2 hours trying to locate the Oklahoma City Greyhound BusTerminal. A friend was arriving, and he needed to get to the station in a timely manner in order to pick her up. His comments were exacting. He asked not to be identified by name.

"GOOGLE on my phone said the address was downtown ( Downtown Oklahoma City), but then we got there and it was closed", he said.

"Then, we tried and tried to call the number for Greyhound, but I guess they were on lunch for 2 hours." he reported.

He blurted, "When we finally drove out there, miles away on MLK to the East, there was no place for us to park to wait." "It made no sense at all".

In 2012, the City of Oklahoma City Council was discussing the move of the Greyhound Interstate Bus Depot. Issues on the table were the inaccessibility of the planned transition location to any of the MetroTransit service links and the odd location, which physically is connected to no existing known community destination or need. The issues of public transit, including the issues of this current problem transfer to the transit hub were addressed again prior to Oklahoma City Greyhound station occupying the location. Along with hopes that the hub would return to the Downtown area,when the Old Santa Fe station was renovated sufficiently to house the planned crossroads of transit ( city bus, light rail and interstate bus).

Greyhound's press release for Oklahoma City came out of Dallas, Texas.

Here's a version of the local management relaying desires

Here's also a parting commentary on Oklahoma City missing the mark of need and demand., featuring the departing Russel Claus, City Planner for the City of Oklahoma City, who recently stepped off his job here and returned to his native Australia.

On a lighter note, apparently Greyhound has clear direct plans to help the public get to Cochella. And well, Cochella is sold out....

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