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Local Venezuelans stand for Liberty at Castillo de San Marcos

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February 22, 2014

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Local Venezuelans relate to Town Crier warnings
Action News reported that about 200 local Venezuelans demonstrated at the Castillo de San Marcos, with the slogan "S.O.S. Venezuela", this Saturday morning. [ The Town Criers connected with part of the group, who were still lingering in the historic district, as the Criers made their rounds in the afternoon. .” [“A look at Town Crier’s history” Aug. 26, 2013,] They quickly related to the Town Crier warnings. From their own individual experiences, they knew, instantly, that Barack Obama is a communist. They have seen his behavior and his tactics in their native lands. They have great concerns for the future of America. This reporter has written similar accounts experienced by the Criers, with visitors from such places as Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Chile and Cuba. It can be reported that, no one who has lived under the yoke of communism wishes to experience it again. “It is a system of failure and that is why their rallying call is, ‘Forward’. Sound familiar? It has to be ‘Forward’ because if they look back they have to acknowledge mass murder, failure and the lies required to propagate it. Perfection is always in the future and mass murder is always in the past” a Town Crier said.