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Local Utah Fitness Challenges

Visitors of northern England, to an area called Norwich who are fitness enthusiasts find a steep road named Gas Hill. It is a challenge to any bicyclist who comes into the area. The idea is to peddle from the bottom to the top of the 45 degree plus angled road without putting your foot down on the road in a stopping action.

Salt Lake City has a number of good local cycling challenges like England’s Gas Hill in the valley. Cycling on 400 south heading East from 900 East toward 1300 East toward the University of Utah has a shorter version of Gas Hill, but non-the-less challenging for cyclist. The avenues of Salt Lake City should be an adventurous cycler’s paradise of extreme angled roads without leaving the Salt Lake valley.

If the cyclist has run to the end of new possible challenges with the avenues, they can leave the valley, and cycle up Big Cottonwood Canyon. This Canyon road has become very popular with the cyclers, because it gives a great challenge up a medium to aggressive angle with beautiful surroundings the entire way up.