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Local: The economics of property rights and insurances

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Local state governments have always been involved in property rights and taxes, but actions are not doing any good for the homeowners. Both the lack of funding and on-going battle over fracking has caused many concerns, which local officials are not seen responding to well. The fact several states have found issues with fracking toxicants should be a warning to others, and it seems to have produced bad results. But what should also be concerning are the local governments strapped for funds; refused funds offered are refused to simple prevent improvements. The improvements would allow the public more freedoms, thus less means to retain control over the majority in the future. This is a set-up for the next national elections, stressing the public by making it think one political party is not working out as the leader, and setting up the other party to take back control.
The Oklahoma legislators are looking for funds through forcing vacant home inspections and registrations on home owners. HB 2620 was used to end the local registers as signed by the Gov. Fallen, but the abandoned property, even rented property not keep up, is still an issue for many communities. And it is not always the property owners who are the cause, sometimes access to other property or simply storm damages can cause problems. The local communities, which force the public to take actions, must also allow them the means to act in their own regards. We are seeing how many homeownership rights are taking away those means by offered for protections in serving the natural gas industry and not the public.
The North Carolina’s GOP does not want people talking about the water toxicants they have, especially from fracking wells they have allowed. What is more, they have cut into the Wetlands Program and reduced the Water Quality Division, even refused federal grants to allow them to continue. Instead the GOP wants people to believe that without a means for the public to fine out what toxicants exist, there is no need to look. The simple minded NC GOP wants the public stop watching what it is doing, thus no one can find the truth as the GOP sells them out. But if the government is not willing to protect the public, the public has no assurances of protections by those who are meant to represent.
The warnings signs are out there, toxicants are being produced by the oil and gas industry every day, the control they have over the political process only assures they do not get noticed as well. But that political control is being lost, for the events which have occurred around the world are forcing changes even here in the US. Already looking to the future, the oil and gas industry is currently attempting to make current political events occur to force the public in the direction they want. Reducing the public awareness of their operations, while gaining funds allows them to present faults in the current political operations. As new politics are issued, the same industry claims the previous political which caused the public problems are lies. This industry worked to create those problems while pushing their agendas, but having kept the public unaware created the situation to cause political changes which is now pushing back.
The local governments are not the only ones needing funds; projects like the Keystone pipeline were never needed, except for those in the oil and gas industry to gain profits. They wanted these systems but only if the public was to pay for them; current politics area not allowing these gain so easily. Nor does it stop there, coal power plants are coming under attack as well by new regulations, which are not offering them relief. Afford these changes on their own; the power, oil and natural gas industry is in need of funds which they are short of already. Aligned together, these industries are attempting to direct political actions as they want to see in the future. Currently they have found the national politics to have little effect on helping them, so they are preparing for future political campaigns.
One of the interesting things done was to have so many in these fields start to move into education, this by promoting charter schools and internet courses. Those complaining we need charter schools are same directly connected to the oil and power industries, attempt to retrain the way individuals think. Science started to form around the impact of global warming, this presented to newer generations has brought out their attentions as they have grown. And more concerns for the industries which are the causing global warming. The industries understand it easier to do what you want, if people are not watching therefore not resisting as you take away their rights and lives. Thus they want control of the education to retrain the next generations to accept their facts and not have individuals look for the truth on their own.
The next national elections campaigns have already begun to take shape, as the major funders attempt to gain funds while putting pressure on the public to submit to them once more. But science is also showing who has been deceiving the public while the GOP offers only gimmicks. Representing the public should be what this political party does; instead it represents the majority of funds. Then why not let the majority of the public have access to funds….because the public majority would not be so easily controlled by bad politics. And the GOP has only the worse politics in mind for the majority, they do not want the public thinking or looking into things unless it benefits the national GOP agendas.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
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