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Local teenager uses love of sports, photography, news to cover X-Games in Austin

Hayden Oswalt will cover the X-Games in Austin from a teenage perspective.
Hayden Oswalt will cover the X-Games in Austin from a teenage perspective.
Photos by SportMarketingExperts.Com

Being a teenager in junior high and a sports fan go hand in hand, and for a certain young man from Buda, Texas, it has provided an opportunity that is certain to pay off in ways only a true sports fan from Houston to Dallas and all places in between could imagine.

Hayden Oswalt, a seventh grader at Dalmstrom Middle School in the Hays Consolidated Independent School District outside of Austin, has decided to publish his unique view of the X Games to the World Wide Web.

When is was announced the X Games would be coming to Austin in 2014, Oswalt decided he would take his love of sports and his interest in writing and photography to develop a website to provide coverage of the games thought a seventh grader’s eyes.

His website, Austin Xcite, will include news, photographs and interviews provided by this entrepreneurial teenager.

As in any new endeavor, there will be bumps along the way, and when those inevitable bumps happen, Oswalt will not have to go far to get the technical assistance he needs.

Oswalt’s father is Ronald Oswalt; the Chief Executive Officer of Sports Marketing Experts, which specializes in the creation, development and execution of innovative and high impact marketing programs.

The younger Oswalt realized that anything he accomplishes with his web site will benefit him in the future.

“This will help me down the road, but also learn some cool things while being involved during the X Games with my friends.”

He will not only relay on his father’s expertise for help.

Just as in any upstart project, Hayden will have consultants to help in the development of his website.

Michael De Leon, the Chief Technology Officer of Sports Marketing Experts and SME Design, is one of those consultants.

“Immediately upon consulting with Hayden for his X Games-based website, we could see that interaction and multimedia were very important,” stated De Leon.

The elder Oswalt also emphasized that this as a chance for his son to develop skills that will extend well beyond his school years.

“Hayden was searching for a way to obtain extra credit for his web design class and this seemed like a chance for my son to get real world experience while gaining life-long skills in so many areas from marketing to journalism.”

Oswalt’s website will cover all aspects with the upcoming X Games in Austin from a teenagers view.

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