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Local teachers seek votes for grant money

Local teachers seek votes for grant money
Local teachers seek votes for grant money
Penny Anderson

Four teachers from Spotsylvania County Schools are in the running to win a $2500 classroom grant. Nicole McCloskey, Beth Marshall, Christy Gibbs, and Katherine Fatiga have each submitted a proposal through "Thank a Million Teachers". The contest is a joint effort between "Adopt a Classroom" and Farmers Insurance to acknowledge those teachers whom have received a personal "Thank You."

McCloskey is a geography teacher at Riverbend High School and is looking to add digital technology to her classroom for students to access research material and Geographic Information Systems technology. Marshall is a French teacher at Riverbend High School seeking resources to bring the “world into the classroom”. Gibbs is a third grade teacher at Brock Road Elementary School. She is targeting math classes with her proposal called “Immersing Children Through Hands-On Experiences”. Fatiga is an eighth grade teacher at Battlefield Middle School. She offers a “bookshelf” of resources for her students and is looking to replenish materials for her rural classroom.

Through voting, the top six winners from five different regions will be awarded grant money. Teacher will receive $2500 each to fulfill their grant proposals. Voting is quick and people can vote for teachers every 24 hours.

Voting is at the following website:

Voting is free and can be search by teachers’ last names. Winners will be notified in April.