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Local talent - Duchess Says

Duchess Says
Duchess Says

With the multitudes of generic bands emerging, looking to appeal to everyone on their way to fame, there’s something of value in a sound that is completely distinct, unique. Montreal locals Duchess Says, however, seem to have passed distinct and kept on going. In an attempt to describe their sound, which is a task in and of itself, it’s as if the vocal noises and energy of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (whom they toured with in 2009) singer Karen O were layered over fast-paced, at times out of tune music worthy of a Mindless Self Indulgence album, and played with the powerful angst and emotion of a System of a Down song. Even that doesn’t quite do the unconventionality justice.

Duchess Says isn’t trying to appeal to the masses by any length, but the oddity and originality is what makes the music appealing, and you find yourself tapping your feet without having any idea as to why. With only one studio album (and a few EP’s) under their belt, these Montrealers have already played at the Osheaga music festival as well as Eurockéennes, a large rock festival in France.

To get a feel of the band, listen to Tenon Non Neu, literally named after the sounds that emerge from the singer, in a sort of crazed trance, over bending bass licks and reverbing keyboard notes. Truly onomatopoeia at its finest.

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