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Local talent - Creature

Local talent - Creature
Local talent - Creature
Robert Scales,

Possibly one of the most misrepresentative names in recent history, Montreal pop rock band Creature is made up two good looking females and two stylish guys who all weave some distinct vocals into catchy dance music. Aside from being vocalists, all four members also create some interesting, body-moving music with their instruments. The pop rock genre is meshed together with elements of funk, 90s hip hop and even a hint of cheerleading, for a mix that feels strange at first, but grows into something strangely appealing. Something about it just screams “will soon be in an iPod commercial.”

With only one album in tow, 2008’s No Sleep At All, Creature has already opened for Canadian rockers Hedley and found themselves as feature subjects for magazine Rolling Stone France.

For a highlight track check out Don’t Be Afraid, a kooky track with attitude that has male vocals hitting the highs, and female vocalists doing a little mid-song dialogue. Throw in some power key playing and a catchy chorus and this song is playlist worthy.

Creature Online


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