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Local talent - A Texas Funeral

Montreal's A Texas Funeral is steadily growing in popularity
Montreal's A Texas Funeral is steadily growing in popularity
CBC Radio 3

While you often hear of Montreal as an indie music city (see Montreal repping the Indies), there’s also a lot to be found in the way of metal and hardcore, as local loud act A Texas Funeral is steadily coming to show.

A relatively new player in the game of Montreal music, ATF landed shows with big name acts the Ataris and Funeral for a Friend in their first year performing. The band’s first single, “Monochrome Rendition,” was released on an EP of the same name and has received some radio airplay as well as a video spot on local TV station Musique Plus.

At first listen, tracks like Monochrome Rendition and Passive Masquerade scream punk rock, with higher pitched vocals thrown out above distorted guitars and a definite twinge of attitude. But a few more listens and you start hearing the guitar riffs expand well beyond power chords and influences from metal and hardcore seep out.

While the band has yet to make their presence known internationally, their local following is steadily growing. As a few band bios point out, their music isn’t necessarily very different from anything that’s already hit the scene. But any fan of loud music can find something to enjoy in ATF, giving them a wider appeal and likely a little more staying power. We’ll find out how much as soon as the first album finds its way into stores, probably in 2010 or 2011.

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