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Local storm flips small plane at Leesburg Executive Airport (slideshow)

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Strong thunderstorms moving through Leesburg Executive Airport caused a small plane to flip over and land on top of another on Monday, causing major damage to both aircraft.

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Storm winds ripped the aircraft’s tie-down straps in half. Tie-down straps are used to secure the plane to the ground in the event there are strong winds.

Winds gusting to 51 knots, small hail and intense lightning hit the small airport near Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia.

The high winds caused the small (light-weight) aerobatic plane (tail number N33MJ) to flip over and fall on top of a four-seat Cessna 172 (tail number N3504L). No one was injured.

Both planes are operated by Av-Ed Flight School, Inc., at Leesburg Executive Airport. A Body Works tow truck arrived at the airport around 8:30 p.m. to separate the two planes.

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