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Local, state and national Republican Party overview - a three part series

FBI Agents raid County Administration Building
FBI Agents raid County Administration Building
Cleveland Plain Dealer

Taking an in-depth look at the Republican Party on these levels you'll find  varying degrees of difficulty yet unlimited opportunities. Cuyahoga County is now in its second decade of one-party rule. The Democrats have owned this county since the late 80's and have, in fact, left it in ruins. Cronyism, patronage, back room deal-making and payoffs are a common thread amongst the current local "leaders".  200 FBI agents raided the County Administration building and certain judicial offices at the Justice Center. Some 27 indictments have been handed down already and the "big fish", while not being named, have certainly been outed by all the pilot fish who have been questioned previously. It seems only a matter of time before the final indictments come and continue to shake up the local Democratic establishment. 

In 2009 the voters were given two choices regarding County Government Reform. Issue 5, a traditional stall tactic used successfully by the Democrats in the past, proposed a panel of 15 be elected to "study" reforming the current county government model. The study would take approximately a year and then a new county charter would "possibly" be placed on the ballot for the citizens to vote on. A similar study plan was used by Commissioner's twenty years ago and while it gained minimal traction at the time no amendment was ever offered or voted upon by the citizenry.

Issue 6 proposed a new county government model be placed on the ballot in November. This new Charter called for the complete overhaul of the current three member County Commissioner panel and eliminated the need to vote on candidates for offices such as Auditor, Recorder & Sheriff (all three of which have now been proven to be breeding grounds for corruption and partisan patronage). In it's place would be the election of a new County Executive, an eleven member County Council and an elected County Prosecutor. Issue 6 passed by overwhelming margins in every city and township in Cuyahoga County.

2010 will not only be a battleground for the statewide offices and congressional seats but a battleground for local politicians who desire to completely change how business is handled in NE Ohio. Already, potential candidates, some announced and some not, are shoring up their support base, gathering signatures, filing their designation of treasurer and getting ready for what promises to be a most interesting political election year in Cuyahoga County. It is highly anticipated that every County Council seat will include a hotly contested primary and that both major parties will have opportunities to win in November. One-Party Democrat rule has led Cleveland and Cuyahoga County to the brink of financial ruin on multiple occasions, ineffective and corrupt leaders have abused the public trust- now is the time for the people to retake their local government and elect a truly representative democracy. Party affiliation alone or a common name should not be the reason elections are won or lost. The electorate needs to be educated, to dig a little deeper regarding the platforms and ideas being proposed and make a choice based on qualifications and experience.


  • Roberta Baxter Eugene,OR. Dogs Examiner 5 years ago

    Well written article even if I am commenting on it after the months have passed.

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